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    2011 – plan to progress!

    2011 - 01.31

    Joining the UKCC level 3 training before Christmas reminded me of how useful it is to have simply thought through what you really want to achieve with your horse this year.  

    Think about the stage you are both at, imagine where you would like to be by late autumn, and then think about the steps needed in between…  If you have a spare calendar or can create a spreadsheet, put down those key competition dates and all the qualifiers…    Then add in any holiday plans, things that might interrupt preparation like flu jabs and work or family events…  

    As the picture of the year builds up, you may decide you need to adjust your plans or realise how early you need to start because of other influences.  So you will have time to make some adjustments and can start to get the training you need booked in too. 

    I did this for a little horse I have  who  can be rather spooky and lacking confidence.   I realised I had been putting off taking him out, yet he should be able to do a nice elementary test if we could get used to working in some new venues.  So last Saturday we went out for a novice test and just got 6’s throughout because he was tense and made a couple of mistakes.  I’ll taking him back to the same venue a few times, then another and see if he can relax a bit more….

    Knowing yourself – a career with horses?

    2011 - 01.10

    Karen, aged 38, now runs her own livery yard and explains how coaching sessions with Liz using NLP based techniques has helped her:

     “.. Previously I used to work teaching IT, which I loathed. To add insult to injury, I ended up paying someone else to ride my horses, which is why I was working in the first place!  So I took the decision to stop working to concentrate on the horses and teach at local riding schools part time. However, it wasn’t adding up financially. It was so frustrating and I was losing my confidence that I could make a go of it…”

    One of the biggest impacts was to get her teaching business going. From the goal setting exercises, Karen became determined that this was what she wanted to do:

    “…Before I only had one or two lessons to teach a week, now I am kept busy with teaching and running my yard, and I am able to afford to keep my horses, have training, and improve the yard to really build the business….”

    “..Looking back I was not focused on getting pupils and giving lessons, I kept looking at different options to make ends meet. I was able to pin down what I really wanted, so now I stick to one path and do it properly. I have advertised and feel more confident because I believe I can help my pupils, before I didn’t really have that confidence. I’ve stuck to it and talked to everyone I know about it and am very positive.


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