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    2011 - 02.26

    Any top rider will tell you that they are still learning – so we are helping to build a website of open workshops and clinics for riders, instructors and horse lovers – all over the UK.

    This is because in her work as a sports psychologist for riders, Liz Morrison has found that a focus on self awareness and learning  is a great way to build confidence and work towards goals. It also helps to build the humility and openness that horses need from their riders. 

    The new website will be open to genuine equestrian specialists and organisations to publicise their workshops and clinics – Please ask your instructor or riding club leader to send us details by emailing us here.  It is being optimised to make it very easy to search by county and topic.  Please let us know the sorts of courses you are interested in attending too by registering with us here – we will email you when courses are added. 

    Here are some of the topics that will be covered on the pages of ‘TheHorseMatters.com:

    ABRS, Accupuncture, Action Learning, Alexander Technique, Animal communication, BHS training, Biomechanics, Breeding & Youngstock, Child protection training, Chi Qung, Coaching & Teaching, Conformation, Core stability, Dressage, Driving, Endurance, Eventing, Exam Preparation, Goal Setting,  Holistic horse health, Management coaching with horses, Natural Horsemanship, NLP Sports Psychology, Para equestrian, Pilates, Preliminary Teaching Test, Polo, Racing, Riding for Disabled, Rider confidence, Shiatsu, Showing, Show Jumping, Side Saddle, Sports Psychology, Stage 1 & 2, Stage 3 & PTT, Stage 4,  Trec, Tai Chi, Therapy through Horses, Experiential Learning, Reflective Practice, Working with Metaphor, Life Coaching, Riding & Road Safety, Stable Management, UKCC Coach training,Veterinary care of the horse, Visualisation …..  and more!

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