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    Backing Youngsters – fast or slow?!

    2011 - 04.02

    Probably the most important event in a young horse’s life is how it is first backed and ridden away.  The phrase ‘breaking in’ has now been abandoned, for maintaining and winning over the spirit and temperament of the youngster is as important as how it carries and obeys the rider.  

    For me, Natural Horsemanship’s claim of joining up and backing a horse in 20 minutes, is a short cut too far.  It also does not work too well with the sharper temperament of a bright, fit thoroughbred or warmblood type!   They need to learn to use their bodies differently with a rider than they do when loose with other horses.

    When backing my youngster Connie  I will be working with Greg Drummond and we will probably take 20 days over the process.  This allows the horse time to mentally process the developments day by day and for a very gradual introduction of the different steps. 

    She will then be turned away for a month, then be ridden again for another month and so on, allowing her body to adjust to the changes. Follow Connie’s progress here.

    Greg was brought up on a TB stud farm in New Zealand, and has developed his own process to slowly back youngsters over many years.  He is in much demand in racing yards in the South West, and will be coming over to the  Surrey/Sussex area over the summer to back Connie and some others in the area.  If you know anyone with a youngster to back at their own yard, please contact me.

    Keep learning – UK workshops & clinics

    2011 - 02.26

    Any top rider will tell you that they are still learning – so we are helping to build a website of open workshops and clinics for riders, instructors and horse lovers – all over the UK.

    This is because in her work as a sports psychologist for riders, Liz Morrison has found that a focus on self awareness and learning  is a great way to build confidence and work towards goals. It also helps to build the humility and openness that horses need from their riders. 

    The new website will be open to genuine equestrian specialists and organisations to publicise their workshops and clinics – Please ask your instructor or riding club leader to send us details by emailing us here.  It is being optimised to make it very easy to search by county and topic.  Please let us know the sorts of courses you are interested in attending too by registering with us here – we will email you when courses are added.  (more…)

    Homeopathy v surgery

    2011 - 02.06

    An article about one of my experiences of homeopathy came out recently.  n the comments it generated it is interesting to see the anger that the few antis have to the concept of anything less than ‘science’  being used.   The horse was being monitored by expert horse vets using the latest technology.  Homeopathy, prescribed by a vet, triggered the reaction we needed without surgery.  The science these people need to understand is Quantum  – and to understand that we do not have all the answers yet!!   Text of the article is below

     Keen show jumper and BHS instructor Liz Morrison was very concerned when her horse Todd came in from the field with a thorn embedded in his lower leg.  Todd a 16.3hh part bred Hanoverian show jumper was put on box rest but only part of the thorn could be removed. The leg began to swell and his vet monitored the injury by scanning the leg every two to three days.

     Scanning confirmed Liz’s worst fear; that the thorn interfered with Todd’s tendon. Surgery at this point was suggested but Liz decided against it. The situation remained the same over the next ten days and the thorn became engulfed in a cavity as the body reacted to the foreign body and tried to isolate it by healing around it. 

    At this point Liz was unsure of the next step so decided to contact homeopathic vet Nick Thompson to see if he had any suggestions. Nick immediately came over to assess Todd and prepared a homeopathic medicine which included high potency Sulphur and low potency Silica.  The swelling seemed to subside and three days later Todd had has his leg scanned again. The scan left everyone speechless as it revealed that the thorn had completely vanished and the cavity had reduced in size and appeared to be healing!

    Said Nick Thompson: “I was delighted to hear the news that Todd had responded so well to the homeopathic medicine and was able to return to full work without any damage to his tendon.”

     Added Liz: “I think it is amazing that the homeopathic medicine eradicated the thorn so quickly, I am so grateful Todd didn’t need surgery and made a full recovery.”  Liz has since used homeopathic medicine on several of her horses when traditional veterinary medicine is not yielding the desired results.

     The British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons (BAHVS) offer a service to animal owners seeking homeopathic help and can supply names and addresses of veterinary surgeons with homeopathic qualifications. For further information please visit www.bahvs.com.



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