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    2011 - 01.31

    Choosing NLP Training

    Many courses, workshops and forums about NLP and its applications are held around the world. Consider the following when choosing your training to decide which is the right style for you.

    If you want in depth experience or anticipate that one day you will apply the techniques with your clients the best approach is to complete a full 20 day Practitioner and then a 20 day Master Practitioner accredited training. These are usually spread over 6-9 months each to allow time for course work and projects. We recommend the following:

    PPD Learning , London , is well established, uses a range of presenters, with just 30-40 participants per course. Highly recommended

    NLP University is a mecca organised by 2 of the co-developers of NLP and leading thinkers : Robert Dilts and Judy Delozier. It offers a series of NLP courses spread over over 2 months in Santa Cruz , California .

    Shorter 7 and 10 day courses are low cost, for large numbers and use hypnotic learning techniques. These are great for those seeking a powerful personal experience. However in our opinion they do not provide the appropriate depth of understanding to enable someone to use the techniques with other people’s personal issues.

    Paul McKenna works with Richard Bandler to offer the very best of these short courses.

    Coaching Qualifications

    Today  everyone is a coach!  It is helpful to understand both the parallels and differences between different types. Mentors, coaches, trainers, teachers are each subtly different, and then there are those working in sport, in business and with personal issues. 

    Sports Coaching

    Significant changes are occuring in sport with the introduction of the UKCC coaching qualification.  This has three levels and these are equivalent across all sports, so encouraging portability and a deepening of understanding of approaches.

    Personal Coaching

    In choosing a personal coach we recommend that you consider members of the International Coach Federation (ICF) which does not offer courses and is the world’s largest not-for-profit accrediting body. Members agree to a code of ethics and continuing professional development. It has established rigorous professional accreditation standards which require client references, supervision, proven hours of coaching and coach-specific training.

    Details of UK accredited coaches are available on www.coachfederation.org.uk

    Michael Neill is a superb coach and NLP trainer, now based in the USA . His emailed personal coaching tips are one of the best available resources on the internet

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