New Decade, new workshops!

The following workshops are currently being scheduled. Please contact Liz ">via email or phone 07860 637449 – to discuss dates, venues and joining them

An introduction to Mental Health First Aid Half day CPD workshop – 3 hours

Following increased awareness of Mental Health Issues , this session outlines the approach being recommended in business and education. It outlines issues that a coach may meet such as Eating Disorders, Self harm, Depression, Suicidal thoughts.  It highlights relevant processes in the health system, helplines and guides coaches as to how they can help and support the individual. 

Using sports psychology in coaching Half day CPD workshop – 3 hours

This topic looks at how to understand an individual’s motivation and the values and beliefs that drive them. It includes facilitated exercises and discussion with a workbook.  Liz Morrison is author of the best selling guides to Rider Sports Psychology – Simple Steps to Riding Success and Ride with Confidence.  Her workshops on the subject are always popular!

These two workshops will usually be run on the same day in an area

Managing Risk, Biosecurity and Horse WelfareFull day ( 6 hour CPD workshop

This workshop will help yard managers, staff and freelance coaches understand current thinking in managing risks, biosecurity and horse welfare.  This workshop would provide both an entry level of knowledge for people early in their qualification journey, and a refresher for established coaches and yard managers.

The intelligent and proactive use of risk assessments to support a culture of safety and encourage confidence in good coaching makes up the first part of the day. It includes assessing risk in a yard and around equestrian activity, with a review of accidents to horses and people – and preventative practice including writing risk assessments. There will be a balanced explanation about professional insurance and legislation. This will include the Compensation Act 2006 which was introduced to counter a disproportionate fear of litigation which was leading to risk-averse behaviour.

The Biosecurity and Equine Welfare section of the workshop will focus on the importance of understanding best practice, following the impact of the EHV outbreak in 2020, the Equine Flu outbreak in 2019, and best practice in managing Strangles and RIngworm.  It will highlight current thinking in Equine Welfare following the Animal Welfare Act of 2018.

The workshop will be 6 hours long and classroom based. The facilitation style will include presentation, interactive classroom discussion, signposting to authoritative information.  A workbook will be included.