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    2017 - 05.01

    Welcome to Positive Riding, dedicated to helping riders understand more about horses and how to build great relationships with them. Positive riding will help, whether you ride with competitions and professional exams in mind, or simply for pleasure. We believe that a relationship with a horse offers you the opportunity to learn about yourself too.  This is because riding is as much about mental and emotional awareness as it is about physical ability and techniques.

    Our approach draws on modern learning techniques, including coaching,  NLP based sports psychology, action learning and reflective practice. We offer both mounted and unmounted coaching and Sports Psychology sessions and workshops. These will help you increase your self awareness and plan your goals in line with your values and the rest of your life.  We are confident that this will build your confidence and improve your performance, no matter what level you are riding at.

    The site is led by Liz Morrison MSc ICF-PCC, author of Simple Steps to Riding Success and co-author of Ride with Confidence, both best selling guides to the subject. As a qualified instructor (BHS-SM, BHSII), dressage judge and competitor, she has sound background knowledge about horses and riding.  She has developed her approach through advanced NLP and professional coach training over many years,

    Continuous learning is a core value for Liz and over the last couple of years, she has been focusing on developing new skills by undertaking UKCC level 3 coaching training, studying action learning approaches through an MSc in facilitation and systems thinking at the University of Bath.  As a result of this she has been developing experiential learning workshops for organisations which incorporate horses.

    Liz has worked privately with riders and teams in almost every equestrian discipline, at every competitive level. This work is understandably highly personal and confidential, and her reputation has grown through personal recommendation.

    She is now available to coach private clients in the South Central area, ranging from the Dorset Coast, Hampshire, Wiltshire to Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and the Cotswolds.  Workshops can be arranged in these areas also.

    Feedback from clients

    “…I found the subject absolutely fascinating and came home with my head buzzing with thoughts and ideas about where my beliefs had gone wrong and what I was going to do about it !!!…”

    “..For me the greatest thing is how much it affected my approach to everyday matters as well as my riding. I seem to see things so much more clearly and so I can accept and deal with them. I’m not in such a fog anymore and am so much more relaxed about things that used to get me really stewed up!..”

    “…I find it amazing how excited I get just talking about and planning what I really want to do! It makes it feel like you are starting to work toward your goal and putting your dreams into action , which is really encouraging……..I look forward to the future!..”



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