We offer un-mounted Sports Psychology workshops on a range of topics to help riders of every level understand and apply these techniques. Colleges, Clubs and Teams can also book Liz to run these courses at their venues.

Sports Psychology Workshops for Riders and Coaches

These workshops are self contained, and highly experiential, covering each topic fully, usually delivered online or as face-to-face talks.

  • Introduction to  Sports Psychology for Riders
  • Your Riding and your life – balancing life & work commitments
  • Going beyond – clearing limiting beliefs
  • Goal Setting that achieves the Outcome
  • See, Hear and Feel Success – using visualisation for improved performance
  • The psychology of language – for Coaches
  • Action Learning  and using reflection – Coaches and UKCC portfolio

Rider Learning Group

The popular 6 session ‘Learning Group’ with up to 6 people with the emphasis on applying sports psychology techniques to your individual situations.  This is a dynamic course in a supportive environment which requires attendance at each of 6 weekly evening sessions, which can be online or, preferably, face to face.  It really builds individual confidence and performance…

Organisational Coaching through Horses

Liz has been developing experiential learning workshops for organisations which incorporate coaching through a connection to nature and horses. This follows her Masters study in supporting organisational change and is a rapidly developing area of management training.  It goes well beyond ‘Equine Assisted Learning’ to incorporate systems thinking, symbolic metaphor and constellation work.

The Happiness Horsebox offers a unique venue for these outdoor sessions – find out more.