Personal Coaching

As a  rider,  you realise that riding is as much about your mental attitude and emotional awareness as it is about physical ability and schooling techniques.  You understand that horses go better when ridden with a calm, more confident, approach…..  To become this sort of rider you first need to increase your self awareness and plan your goals  in line with your values and the other areas of your life.  This is where personal coaching can help.  By focusing XXXon your individual situation and some reflection beforehand helps you to begin to identify the patterns and real issues.  In these sessions, Liz draws on a range of modern sports psychology and coaching approaches including NLP, action learning, clean language and reflective practice.  These are sensitively and expertly applied to your situation.

Liz Morrison has worked privately with riders and teams in almost every equestrian discipline, at every competitive level.  Her approach is highly skilled and she is able to help you build your confidence and improve your performance, no matter what level you are riding at. This work is understandably highly personal and confidential, and her reputation has grown through recommendation.

She is available to coach private clients in a 30 mile radius of  Swindon, Guildford and Poole.  The initial session is 2 hours, unmounted, after which ridden sessions can be included as part of an on-going coaching programme.  Discounts are available for RDA and Para-equestrian clients. It is helpful for clients to have access to her books to undertake follow up exercises.