Liz Morrison MSc, BHSI-SM, BHSII, RDA Coach

Liz Morrison is a BHS riding instructor ( BHSII, BHS Stable Manager) and sports coach specialising in supporting riders through modern coaching techniques and sports psychology.  She was one of the first ICF Professional Certified Coaches in the UK, and is an NLP Master Practitioner and Advanced Modeller. Earlier in her career she worked in Marketing and Stakeholder communications at Nestle, Mars, Rank Holidays and in Central Government.

She is also co-author of ‘The Veterinary Care of the Horse’ with Sue Devereux, published by JA Allen. It has sold over 140,000 copies and it set a new standard for clarity and ease of use in the stable yard. This understanding of horses, bio-mechanics and training for soundness is key to her approach.

She first became aware of the importance of mental attitude in sport when she was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship to Australia in 1993. She went to find out how the Australian teams were able to win so many equestrian medals. What she found was an openness about their need to improve and willingness to adapt their approaches that led to their success.

Upon her return to the UK she researched the area and started training in NLP and the newly emerging techniques of coaching. She has trained with and assisted the original developers of the subject. Her courses about applying NLP to riding have been attended by hundreds of people. Her book, Simple Steps to Riding Success was a great success and was been translated into several languages.  The book featured some of her work with riders with disabilities, which has led to her qualification as a RDA Coach (one of the few able to coach at any RDA group) and helping to set up Positive RDA – an innovative mobile group.

In her work as a sports psychologist for riders, Liz Morrison finds that an on-going focus on learning and self awareness is the core to building confidence and the humility and openness that horses need from their riders. An MSc in action learning & UKCC level 3 are her recent areas for study.

She is passionate about horses, the connection to nature that they offer, and what they can teach us about ourselves. She lives near Wantage and has a group of horses with whom to play, train and  compete with.  She is highly approachable, with a lively sense of humour and loves to work with people who want to experience their relationship with horses more successfully.