Riding is about connecting with a horse through your body. As a prey animal with exceptionally acute senses, the horse will interpret what is going in your mind through feeling the micro muscular changes in your body.  Whether it is determination or passivity, confidence or nervousness, the horse will pick it up and respond.  NLP or ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’ to give it its full title – is a branch of cognitive psychology which examines how we run our different behaviours and responses.

It’s about how we learn everything, from bad habits to excellent performance.

Any ability to do something is made up of a series of skills, woven together by an individual into a habitual sequence, which then runs unconsciously.  NLP provides a way of modelling these patterns, and adds profound techniques for individuals to change these behaviours – if they want to. NLP has been described as a body of ideas and a way of thinking, a toolbox of techniques for adjusting to modern life.

It’s much more than visualisation and self talk – it’s a way to change limiting beliefs and build your sense of identity.

Beliefs are the principles around which we act – they drive our behaviour and capabilities. And because of this they have a powerful self fulfilling effect. For example, whether you say “you can” or “you can’t” – you’re right! Our most deeply held beliefs create our Identity, our sense of self.

  • Neuro refers to Neurology, how mind and body are linked through the nervous system. It includes an understanding of how you have ‘stored’ your memories – coded through your 5 senses – and the effect of imagination.
  • Linguisitic refers to how  language and more complex patterns of communication influences people, and how language can be utilised to make changes.  Listening to language patterns will reveal beliefs and identity statements.
  • Programming looks at repeated patterns of thought and behaviour, which run in our unconscious.  Once brought to conscious attention, the patterns and beliefs that support them can be adjusted and new behaviours result.

The field of NLP and sports psychology has recently been developed through the Action Learning approach with a focus on reflection and feedback from others. Some feedback Liz has received

It was not until working through the well formed outcome criteria that I discovered why my goal was important to me and how important it was. It has been an emotional roller coaster writing this assignment, but it has had a fundamental effect on me….. It is now up to me to achieve my goal which I will do. Thank you Liz…