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Inspired by Hannah Francis

Most people in the UK horse world know about Willberry Wonder Pony and 18-year-old Hannah Francis. BBC Radio Bristol produced a video of her inspiring story.

When she rode a horse she said it ‘made her feel normal again’.

Hannah was first diagnosed with lung, hip, and pelvic cancer on May 1, 2015. She did not waste a single moment after, using her energy to fight off the insidious disease, follow her dreams, garner support for others in need, and fundraising for cancer research. She became a friend of many of the greatest eventers in the world, and inspired many of them to take up her cause or at the very least, live life to its fullest. She died on 1st August 2016.

Hannah’s wish was to help other seriously ill people by giving them truly memorable equine experiences. And that is what Positive RDA is all about too.