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Paying someone to ride your horse?

One day, you notice that your work-life balance has gone AWOL….  Karen now runs her own livery and training yard and explains how coaching with Liz helped her:

 “.. Previously I used to work teaching IT, which I loathed. To add insult to injury, I ended up paying someone else to ride my horses, which is why I was working in the first place!  So I had taken the decision to stop working to concentrate on the horses and teach at local riding schools part time. However, it wasn’t adding up financially. It was so frustrating and I was losing my confidence that I could make a go of it…”

One of the biggest impacts of coaching was to really push her teaching business to a clear target group.  By setting goals that played to her strengths, Karen became determined that this was what she wanted to do:

“…Before I only had 1-2 lessons to teach a week, now I am kept busy with teaching and running my yard, and I am able to afford to keep my horses, have training, and improve the yard to really build the business….”

“..Looking back I was not focused on getting pupils and giving lessons, I kept looking at different options to make ends meet. I was able to pin down what I really wanted, so now I stick to one path and do it properly. I have advertised and feel more confident because I believe I can help these pupils, before I didn’t really have that confidence. I’ve stuck to it and talked to everyone I know about it and am very positive.

A great example of how ‘knowing what you want – what you really, really want’ – is the key to effective goal setting…!