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Safer jumping following colour research

The colour of markers on hurdles and fences at racecourses could change because of the way horses see colour. Research by the University of Exeter found that racehorses may jump better over white and yellow obstacles, instead of the orange/brown which is currently used on hurdle frames, fence take-off boards and guard-rails. The study on […]

Horses helping humans…

Darcy Day had just come to the yard , a neglected racehorse, saved by a  charity run by Helen Yeadon.  Despite how ill Darcy was, the mare was able to make a connection with a silent child who had not spoken in 2 years.  Read this extract of Greatwood’s work with horses and young people from the Daily […]

The future of Endurance

Dr Sarah Coombs will chair a new FEI committee about the future of  international Endurance riding. The FEI Bureau has set up a Temporary Committee to urgently assess the issues currently affecting the sport of Endurance and carry out an in-depth review of the rules. The remit will identify the most effective way of bringing […]

Bringing on, backing or breaking?

The most important event in a horse’s life is how it is first backed and ridden away. Yet, in our quick-fix world, it is still taking time for people to abandon the idea of ‘breaking in’ young horses. They are impressed with quick results, with no understanding of the need to build a foundation for the […]

Jump with confidence again

Jumping with confidence is a block for many riders at some part in their riding career. It is an area where real experience of training horses and riders for jumping – as well as mindset coaching – is needed.  The following example demonstrates how NLP can be built into jumping lessons to develop new behaviours. Breaking a […]

Paying someone to ride your horse?

One day, you notice that your work-life balance has gone AWOL….  Karen now runs her own livery and training yard and explains how coaching with Liz helped her:  “.. Previously I used to work teaching IT, which I loathed. To add insult to injury, I ended up paying someone else to ride my horses, which […]