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Code of Practice for Horse Welfare

A new Code of Practice for the Welfare of Horses, Ponies, Donkeys and their Hybrids  has been published. It was collated in partnership between Defra and the British Horse Council and  sets out minimum standards that should be met by anyone caring for an equine in England. The Code of Practice can be viewed and […]

Para-Equestrian Dressage Insights

Writing for the List One judge at a para-equestrian Championship, we were discussing perceptions of disability dressage. She commented that it would be a stretch for many higher level dressage horses with able bodied riders to complete a 5-6 minute test just in walk showing the complexity of movements that are required!  The tests need […]

Inspiration for the Happiness Horsebox

The RDA philosophy is to focus on removing the barriers to riding, driving and being with horses, as much as possible, so enabling people with disabilities to achieve their goals.  The story of Brenda and the team at Deeside RDA captures this spirit and has inspired us to focus on enabling adults to hack in […]

Becoming mobile..

When you have a crazy dream it’s a bit scary when it begins to come to life! Our dream in setting up Positive RDA has been about enabling people to enjoy the healing power of horses and the countryside when they are faced with life-changing injuries and illnesses. Riding out in the countryside is a […]

Teach your horse to relax

It frustrates me when people ask for a horse to be a ‘confidence giver’.  When we ride we broadly expect to be able to direct the horse’s energy.  A basic knowledge of psychology tells us that our mind affects our body and our unconscious reactions. When we are with horses, especially riding, any body tension […]

Inspired by Hannah Francis

Most people in the UK horse world know about Willberry Wonder Pony and 18-year-old Hannah Francis. BBC Radio Bristol produced a video of her inspiring story. When she rode a horse she said it ‘made her feel normal again’. Hannah was first diagnosed with lung, hip, and pelvic cancer on May 1, 2015. She did not […]

Horses connect us to ourselves…

Sometimes, with the complexity of modern life, simply taking time out in the natural world is the perfect way to get a new perspective on a problem. And with a horse to help there is a very special, highly memorable dynamic.  This is because horses absorb our senses – their size and power is implicit and […]